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Thread: The Fungus Among Us

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    What, no love for Portabello Burgers?

    Nice to hear from you again, Buddy

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    Colbalt/Buddy so fun to hear from you again! My barn is handling the new mushroom invasion fairly well, however, my factory shelves are NOT! We need an increase in shelves!!!!!
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    Ideas That Cannot Be Implemented At This Time (Or Ever)

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    Cobalt -- please stop giving Playrix ideas. Already too much in this game for my limited brain power. I long for the days when we had 10 crops and 10 factories. Playing 643 days, level 191, barn 2995. Love expansions -- keep those coming.

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    How nice to read your interesting take on things CB. Have missed your TT I’m sure there must be a way to make vegan sandals from them
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