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Thread: The Fungus Among Us

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    The Fungus Among Us

    Playrix, you dropped the ball with your latest update and especially so with the paltry number of new mushroom factory recipes. What were you thinking?! Only seven? You could have made this update world class but you wanted to play it safe didn’t you? It was disappointing for me, for everyone.

    If you don’t mind, I want to encourage you to slam us with more mushroom recipes and I will help you out since your staff doesn’t seem to be able. Go for it! We should have at least 12 mushroom recipes in our factories and here is how you get there.

    Candy Factory – Chocolate Covered Mushrooms

    Beverage Factory – Mushroom Tea

    Ice Cream Factory – Mushroom Sherbet

    Pastry Factory – Mushroom Tarts

    Fast Food Restaurant – Mushroom Sliders

    That wasn’t so hard was it?

    With 12 recipes it will take us 5 barn upgrades to catch up to where we were before your Shroom Upgrade. The way it stands now it only takes us 3 barn upgrades to catch up which isn’t enough of a challenge for your players.

    If you do what I have suggested, you should see a much better uptick in Tcash spending in your game.

    Just trying to help,

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    Hmmmm chocolate covered mushrooms. Lol

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    You left out the veggie dog at the hot dog factory, the only factory that could actually use another recipe.

    The moment I read about mushrooms in the beta I knew this was a terrible idea. Yet still there were posters who thought it sounded swell.
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    Had an interesting evening IRL with someone drinking mushroom tea. Lest said probably best.....

    You left out Mushroom Douche/Nail Balm in the Perfume Fac to combat/cause fungal infections

    (I don't have all face yet BECAUSE my barn can't cope)

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    Dear Cobalt,
    What a great start to the day to notice you add your particularly pleasant color to the colorful Forum Palette again!

    A family member of immense length some time ago came along to wonder aloud whether I had started on the hallucinating mushrooms when he read that my life outside of this game was also saturated with TS observations. I am happy to be in good and trusted company today!

    Now just hope that the shadow of the clouds above our cities does not take the form of a large mushroom.
    The Fungus above us...
    That would really cause a problem!

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    Cobalt, welcome back! a good new approach, yeah....

    I might even forgive Playrix, for bringing you back with this.

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    034C15CE-876F-4135-AC60-E1608E88B7A1.gif Not to mention pizza funghi (bakery), risotto ai funghi porcini (italian) and the very famous chanterelle bouquet

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    Not mushroom in my barn for another one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monaco View Post
    ...and the very famous chanterelle bouquet
    wot, pls?
    (bakery, sure! why not 12 products in one factory!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Stella Eaton View Post
    Not mushroom in my barn for another one!
    LOL! took me a moment...

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    Nice to hear your take on it Cobalt!

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