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Thread: Tropical Blends - Seed balance

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    Tropical Blends - Seed balance

    As the title states, I’m having issues with the balance of the three seed types issued via the heli.

    I’m currently sitting with around 40 Dragon Fruit and zero of Mango and the other.

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    I think we can usually expect an imbalance when we get an event powered by helicopter order items. There's almost always one we get much less often. Oddly, that shortage item can vary from player to player.

    I said almost because in this particular event, my seeds and produce have stayed very even, for once. Then again, I haven't played all that much.

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    It happens with a few things in the game and not just events.
    FE. You will most likely get one material/tool that us lacking from the trains.

    I have been lucky this time and had enough of each to keep playing the event, but it’s a rare thing

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