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Thread: Winned the competition, but didn't know it!

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    Winned the competition, but didn't know it!

    Hi there, you see in topic and think whichever competition I'm talking about it, beside game!
    Let me tell something, if I want to win, I have to focus on myself, not getting nervous on others or even not looking at the results they done, only at mine unless I gotta wish them best!
    So here I think to post my topic, I hate the feeling in game to look at someone and wish to win over them, so sometimes I like to play untill " competition of events" finish
    So I see myself done win better in time I don't look in the board of other players that have places better than me in competition, and I do my best to enjoy, finally I do wins at least number 3 or 2.
    So what you find better, to look at board " nervous for me & hate to wish jumping on another player "
    Or to play events without looking at someone else place, I find it for soul, mind & nervous system more better if in any game, what yalls think?

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    I would say the better is to focus on one's own efforts and not those of others. You can only take care of you, and what you are able to do. Yes, you can learn from others. However, the idea would be to look at them and see what they doing to get it right and do how they doing it - and then better your technique & beat them, and not so much to get jealous. :-)

    Hope that helps.


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