Hi there, you see in topic and think whichever competition I'm talking about it, beside game!
Let me tell something, if I want to win, I have to focus on myself, not getting nervous on others or even not looking at the results they done, only at mine unless I gotta wish them best!
So here I think to post my topic, I hate the feeling in game to look at someone and wish to win over them, so sometimes I like to play untill " competition of events" finish
So I see myself done win better in time I don't look in the board of other players that have places better than me in competition, and I do my best to enjoy, finally I do wins at least number 3 or 2.
So what you find better, to look at board " nervous for me & hate to wish jumping on another player "
Or to play events without looking at someone else place, I find it for soul, mind & nervous system more better if in any game, what yalls think?