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I'm not sure about your red flag. I don't participate in regattas other than the inter seasonal ones, and so do not speed up anything with T-cash. And yes, the lack of response from Playrix is more than disappointing, in fact I feel being treated as if I was a criminal, where in fact I am a most loyal customer!
Nor me to be honest Mia - but it's very hard to see what is triggering it. Yes Fuzzy uses tcash to complete his tasks quickly, as he has a busy work schedule - but he should not be penalised for using real money to make tcash purchases which is what keeps playrix in business. Our other banned racer 'Suger's Home' had only completed one task - so there is no common ground to link these two.
iMac exchange has a great team of players from all over the world, and due to great team work and friendship have been global leaders on Mac for a few years. Our last hiccup was due to Playrix banning players after an update!
The CEO's quote below states that his policy is to get better and better. I think if this long term issue of unfairly banning players isn't addressed, he's soon going to find that his policy needs some urgent attention.