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Thread: Tropical Blends: Prize Wheel

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    1. spin one slab
    2. pickaxes (5 or 6)
    3. bronze ingots (5 or 6)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Me Me Big Boy View Post
    I just wanted to mention that last time we had a prize wheel, most people received the new decos and avatar within the same number of spins. (For example, everyone won New Deco #1 on either their 4th, 5th, or 6th spin, etc.)

    So I'm not worried about missing out.
    fine, at least, but I still don't like that concept, and as mentioned, their choices for the wheel either.

    So we had that wheel before?? once? in which event, pls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    So we had that wheel before?? once? in which event, pls?
    In this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    I'm totally annoyed by this wheel idea - it means we can't even be sure to win the new deco or the avi Pic for the 5 goals, I think?!
    really, Playrix, who had that idea?!

    My first spin brought me ONE brick.

    and I am not interested in ONE glass or ONE slab either - not even several!
    Completely agree. I can’t believe there is no option to earn a decoration here with all the work we put into these events!

    I got 3 T-cash on my first spin. I assumed this was just something novel they were doing at the “start of the event” before we enter the competition. But then I realized it was Playrix’s intent to continue the wheel all the way through.

    I will be sitting this one out. For the most part, these events are not enjoyable at all and the only reason I do them is for the decoration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    Thanks, dread!

    I would have said I was on vacation at that time, but I see that I have posted in that thread, with the same statement I meant to do now: now even the security for getting at least (the) ONE new deco is gone.
    Agree with Sparky, Alexis, missy in this thread here.

    The earlier thread =
    A thread full of mostly negative feedback for that idea. What a great proof how well Playrix is listening to us, their players.
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    Spin 1: 3 TC
    Spin 2: 1 red paint
    Spin 3: 2 nails
    Spin 4: town sign
    Spin 5: Vacation decoration (already had one)
    Spin 6: 3 nails
    Spin 7: profile pic, pig with watermelon helmet
    Spin 8: orange smart navigation booster
    Spin 9: 7 silver ingots
    Spin 10: 2 X advanced farming booster (2*animal product)
    Spin 11: Fell asleep, saved 100+TC by not buying decor before end of event
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    5 spins so far and Nothing of quality 😩

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    I find myself without motivation to continue in this event. I do not regard glass or slabs as a reward, just surplus junk taking up barn space to be sold off fairly soon. This doesn't even compare to the small tcash reward we typically get for goal 1, let alone the higher goal rewards. I do not harbor any delusions that their rigged wheel is going to give me anything very good, even if it does to a few others. I'm rarely interested in the competition aspect, an in this case I don't even need nails, so there isn't really any reason to do all the helicopter orders needed to do this event.

    On the plus side, the two regatta tasks for event progress are really, really easy. The 135 point task for 500 event coins can be done in 3 buys (3 sets of 5 glasses. 135 points in under 5 minutes. Almost as great as coconut or shrimp boats you already have waiting. The 135 task wanting 40 juice glasses can be done with 8 buys, more similar to other events but still a very nice task.
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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Thanks, dread!

    The earlier thread =
    A thread full of mostly negative feedback for that idea. What a great proof how well Playrix is listening to us, their players.
    There was a similar discussion recently in a different game forum re devs totally ignoring negative forum feedback and repeating an unpopular event feature.

    The devs actually responded with an explanation that while we may not have liked it, they found player activity did go up during the event, which they took as proof that players overall did like it. The didn't consider the possibility that players were enduring it rather than enjoying it, and the activity was due to the rewards, not the game play needed to get them. All they cared about was activity levels.

    So, if you really don't like the wheel and don't want to see it again, then stop playing it. That is the only kind of feedback that developers believe.
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    2 spins=pick axe & 2 car coupons.

    I also don't love the spin the wheel aspect. It might be fun if the event wasnt progressively more points with each level, like they all are. If it was ever 350 points you get to spin, and it was unlimited, that might be fun. But it's not very rewarding to work that long for those last levels, just to get something I get for free from my train.

    hst, the game is really fun to me. I like it when I get the timing right and cut up all 9 pieces in 2 cuts. I do not like the circle one though. It's tricky and it's the only one I have outright failed.

    I already bought the decos they're giving though, except the sign, which I don't care about (having a second set wouldn't be terrible though).

    As far as the prizes, I can use almost all of them so they're not entirely a waste for me. But if I didn't need things, I could see how other players would find the rewards really unsatisfying (and I don't want a bucket or some other thing I'm already selling when it comes on the train. The pick axe is just boring, though I can use it)

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