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Thread: Tropical Blends: Prize Wheel

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    I am SO happy right now. Most of these prizes are just bonus and fun extra stuff. I did get the town sign, which is super cute. But on my fifth spin I landed the purple "Record Demand" Booster which makes new helicopter orders appear 80% faster. I haven't seen that one in a very long time and I am positively giddy about it Feeling like a kid at Christmas! This will come in super handy in the Double Reward Event or if I buy the gold pass and put the double helix on top of 40% coin boost reward.

    1 - 5,000 coins, BLAH
    2 - 6 mine picks, BLAH
    3 - Town Sign, love it
    4 - Ice cream cafe, it is cute
    5 - Purple Record Demand Heli Order Booster!! Yay!
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    1st spin - 1 slab
    2nd spin - 2 TNT
    3rd spin - 4 emerald gems
    4th spin - 3 load coupons

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    spin 4=paint bucket (I'm selling those right now), spin 5=sign. I wonder if I'll get the sign again. Has anyone got double of a particular deco from this wheel? If it can happen, I bet it will happen to me because I never change my sign. I like the game though so I'll keep playing. Don't care about these prizes though, not even a little bit.

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    7th spin/ 2700 points - Avatar, pig with watermelon helmet

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    1 spin - 3 load coupons
    2 spin - 3 silver ingots
    3 spin - town sign (don't really like it)
    4 spin - see the light coupon
    5 spin - active cooperation coupon
    6 spin - new pig avatar

    So far, not happy. Looking forward to win new deco.

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    1st spin - 1 slab
    2nd spin - 2 TNT
    3rd spin - 4 emerald gems
    4th spin - 3 load coupons
    5th spin - town sign

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    now at 4600 pts. needed and still getting' only crap 6 boosters on the wheel and i get coins or another deco...event's done for me.
    TS is really on a way down down down...after more than 3 years sad to say this TS is turning into BS

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    4 Town Cash
    2 Crate Fill tickets
    1 Town Sign
    7 TNT
    1 Decoration - Island vacation
    2 Hammers
    1 Watermelon Pig avatar (ugh ... LOL)
    26,000 Coins

    I just wanted the Vacation Island decoration so probably won't do more of this event.

    The event was OK for me. Not very good at this but managed to get some OK prizes.
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    2 glass
    2 slabs
    2 paint
    1 town sign
    3 hammers
    Nothing I need or want
    I won't be wasting my time on this anymore, all work for little reward 😒

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    8th spin/ 3000 points - 22 T Cash

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