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Thread: New mushroom farm

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    New mushroom farm

    I just finished installing the new mushroom farm and it asks for some kind of mushroom substrate stuff. I don’t see a way of obtaining that, other to buy some from the market and/or dealer. There is no way that I could find to be able to grow any in my fields.

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    You will need to make it in the feed mill just like you would make feed for cows, chickens, pigs, etc. It requires 2 corn, 1 rice, and one tree to make 3 substrate.
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    It's produced at the Feed mills - a very strange setup indeed
    Check it at the Wiki:

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    Yes, I found it now. Thank you.

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    Why on earth do they make us wait 5 hours for 1 shroom when the he'll asks for all kinds of shroom stuff? It's terrible. They need to lower they time on these. I feel sorry for players at level 63, it's going to take a lot longer for them to get anywhere. It's frustrating. Perhaps they should give us 2 shroom farms, that would help us. Sorry I'm not one who complains but I couldn't help this time.
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    I like it but I have 8 shelves in the feed mills so giving 2 over to substrate in each mill is not a problem and I really could do with only 2, it makes in plenty of time before harvest is ready. I haven't had a huge demand for the items in the last 2 days. Raja has had more on offer today but I have only bought dried and fake meat so far.
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    My mills are fully upgraded but still I would wish they would add mill or at least new shells. I made food for animals and keep it in the mill until needed. Now I hade to collect from one mill to made substrate.
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    Hi guys, I've got to say the mushroom farm is a joke! So long to make substrate, (when the other feed is so much quicker, including the ingredients required) so long to wait for 1 mushroom (after picture of 3) for so many recipes! Really holds up the production line. Surely it should be 3 mushrooms for each bag of substrate...we get 3 eggs, 3 milk...1 measly mushroom just don't cut it. Plus, and this really set me off, it's a mushroom Farm...why doesn't the super-harvest booster work on it...hard work...had to rant

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    I was so disappointed that each pot shows three mushrooms, but you only collect one.

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    And the time it takes to make them don't forget

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