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Thread: I am a leader of the Newly Found Royal's (new4uy)

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    I am a leader of the Newly Found Royal's (new4uy)

    TO Township;

    I have been playing township before co-ops were ever apart of the game . I have a town on a Android device level 75 played since January of 2016 the 4th,
    On October 3rd, I had gotten a new lap top which was PC, I quickly learned that a game i put a lot of time and money in was not much good on a device that was a lot better then a cell phone which was broken, so I had a choice either say the hell with township or restart from scratch and that's what I did . I started over once i got to level 19, I went through the co-op's reading the description's .
    One stood out open 24/7, now we know the room are all open 24/7 seven days a week 364 days a year, so I took that as someone who was either a leader or co-leader would be active to help players just begun with coops, this was not the case so I started answering questions to players who needed answers ,this didn't go over well with the leader . I stopped she didn't do any tasks and was hardly on, so i put it out if anyone required help at the regatta i would answer questions but I was leaving once the race was over i did.
    On October 3rd i formed a co-op called the newly found royal's . I had meet a player Wanda Hill I asked her to join and she did, we came up with a plan that players who joined would be co-leader instead of a member until they proved they were not co-leader or could not hold the status .
    We have been through a lot the last week , in this season we have been tested we a had new player restricted my best players from regatta trying to kick us down so I guess we are getting noticed. We got into the golden league on October 31st, and since that we held that position. We now are faced with someone is doing something that the teams zoos are disappearing mine and 2 other co-leaders worse was we manged to start over they are gone again , The riyals are a team that have the same players except for maybe 10 ,the others that came have been a great asset to the Royals. They are looking to me for answers I have none to give them because i losing my zoo as well.
    We even rotate leader's , We treat everyone equal, We rotate so there always someone on who can help other players with questions like 10 mins ago i was on and its 6:30 a.m where i am from. We took 2nd place in the wooden league /1st in cooper/1st in steal/1st in silver and 1st/2nd//2nd/2nd/3rd/3rd/3rd/and 1st.
    I want the riyals to be given a fear shot for the work we put into our team and our room has become like a family ,
    Can someone please reply back to the Royals'

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    Hi Trisha,
    This is a common issue, and is well known for happening a pc.
    It isn’t a person that is doing this to your zoos.
    You can find a full thread about it

    Just to add, the forum is mainly players helping players, so your post may not be seen by Playrix.
    If you ever need help fr9m Playrix, it is always better to submit a report through your game.

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