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Thread: Wish times for post adjusted for your time zone

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    Wish times for post adjusted for your time zone

    In looking at some posts about a problem with an update it shows a post at 11:42 AM. I saw the post at 7:30 my time. I wish I could tell when it was posted my time. Since we are asked not to post personal information I have no idea what time zone the person is in around the world. Since players come from all over the world, knowing the time adjusted for my zone would be helpful. This information would not be all that personal and would be helpful.

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    Are you referring to posts here on the forum?

    If so, you can adjust your settings in your profile so the times are displayed in your time zone:

    Go to Settings (upper right corner) > General Settings (on the left panel) > Date and Time Options:

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    Go to your "Settings" (top of the screen) and under your profile, "General Settings", scroll down to the "Date and Time" settings, select your timezone. The displays will automatically adjust the date shown on the pages to reflect your local time.


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    Thanks for answer

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