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    Township cash

    There are several things that me and my teammates have noticed,the amount of the cash we receive has gone down like example the house of luck we usually get building materials Very often receive Tcash.. The events to win prize decorations you only get a decoration when you finish the event along with a new profile picture..they used to give you a few different general the prizes are more materials instead of tcash... makes it hard to save when you don’t have real cash to buy tcash.. anyone else have the same issues..

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    I actually think theres a lot of opportunity for earning tcash. But, maybe it has changed since before I started. spent a bunch recently on a few decos and in event won half o t back.However, the experience might be different as you get higher in level. I'm only 52.

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    I haven't noticed any difference, and would caution against using results from the HOL to make any conclusions. Early on I charted my HOL winnings and concluded that tcash was a very rare prize because I only got it in something like 2 out of 30 trials. Since then I've gotten tcash more regularly. The other day I got 12 and 20 tcash in back-to-back HOL picks. It's just random probabilities in action.

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    Overall there has been a decline on return and increases in costs. Some are hidden in it appears you get a higher quantity but more of that item is required to accomplish the same thing.

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