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    BYOB, friends! Bring Your Own Bagels!

    The worst part about the new zoo is that people think I want to fill their orders for 8 bagels, 9 rubber, etc. I have friends that sit on my request for help tab for days asking for 3 helps each day on the maximum effort zoo orders. Does anyone else agree that part of the new zoo etiquette should be understanding that there are some zoo orders you just have to hunker down and fill yourself?

    Before the new zoo I would help everyone I could no matter if it wiped out my stock, knowing that being a helpful friend means getting help in return. But I don't ever fill a 9 rubber zoo order because I would never ask for help on that.

    Why do zoo orders bring so little coins anyway? Has anyone else noticed the coin value seems pretty low for the product request/effort?

    Sorry, I usually try not to complain because I love the game, but this has been driving me nuts!

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    I'm totally ignoring the zoo and I do not fill zoo orders, they do not exist for me. My co-op knows how I feel so I hope they understand why they will never see me there. I've tried to convince some of the younger players to concentrate on their towns only and leave the zoo alone but I still get complaints about how hard it is to complete CBs and enclosures at the same time. *sigh*

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    People are, of course, permitted by the game to request help where they want, and we are, of course, free to ignore them, but IMO, that's just a rationalization to defend what is fundamentally a selfish behavior. There is something about asking someone else to fill these large bagel requests that just feels lazy, manipulative, and rude to me. It's like, here, fool, if you are desperate enough for clovers, fill this.

    Basically, though, I mostly blame the developers for giving us this kind of order in the first place and for not giving us the option of dumping the worst ones.
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    I have been known to ask for 9 rubber, but try hard not to. We can't see other people's order boards so don't know that 'beg' isn't a duplicate stinker. It cannot be a coincidence that often the worst/cheekiest orders seem to appear most frequently as 9-11 of a zoo task.
    We need a dump order button like for the helicopter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    There is something about asking someone else to fill these large bagel requests that just feels lazy, manipulative, and rude to me.
    Exactly. I am not actually bothered by the mere existence of these large orders or the inability to dump them - it signals to me the developers have given us another challenge to plan and find balance for. However, at my level with upgrades (and I assume others > Level 100 have bakery down to 50% too) it would take 2 hours and 15 minutes to make 9 bagels (less time if there are bagels in the market) and yet some players will let that request for help sit on the board for 3 days. That is, IMO, lazy and rude.

    As you said, they have every right to ask for help on all their large orders, I just feel it is poor etiquette to do so.

    9 rubber could generate 3 clovers coming from a plane, but only one from the zoo. I think the developers could make these orders worth more coin to balance this out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayS View Post
    ...We need a dump order button like for the helicopter.
    Exactly. I have been ignoring my zoo, since Playrix ignored our wish for a zoo order delete button.
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    I've been trying to find this info and don't know where to look, so hopefully, someone here knows. Are the zoo orders like the trains, where if you have not built the factory you don't get requests for items from it? Or are they like puzzle decos (and planes to an extent) where if you don't have it you have to let it wait until the factory is built or you get help?

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