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Thread: Suggestions for something new

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    Suggestions for something new

    As a Co-op we've come up with a few suggestions for something new. ORANGE TREES for marmalade, orange juice and orange syrup for crepe suzettes at the FRENCH RESTAURANT. LEMON TREES for lemonade, lemon curd and lemon meringue pies. APPLE TREES for apple pie, apple strudel, toffee apples and cider. HORSES for horseshoes to make cars to order at the CAR DEALERSHIP and bicycles at the TOY FACTORY which would also make rocking horses, swings, seesaws. ONIONS for French onion soup at the FRENCH RESTAURANT. GOATS for milk, cheese, soap and mohair. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing, coconut cream pie, black forest cake, sunflowers for their seeds. Diamonds, rubies opals etc for jewellery from the Mine. Smoked salmon, oysters, pearls from the ships. Mango, dates to make fruit salad along with the other fruit we already have. CHERRY TREES for cherry pies and fruit salad. SWEET POTATOES for sweet potato soufflé. LAVENDER for sachets and pot pourri. A DRIED FRUIT FACTORY for sultanas, raisins, prunes and dried apple. Let's not forget candy floss/fairy floss/cotton candy and MUSHROOMS. Somethings to think about.
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