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Thread: Redesigning Towns

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    Redesigning Towns

    I want to rearrange my town (a massive undertaking)! It would be much easier if I could store all of my housing and community buildings which would allow me to see what I have and the quantity of each. Then I could better plan my town's design and begin at that time replacing my stored buildings.

    Please consider this.

    Thank you.

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    hi SSF,

    as CBs and houses have an impact on your population, and what you can have in your town at all, I doubt Playrix will be able to fulfill your Wish - they would have to save too many towns, in several variations, when every player would have several (this way).
    What they can offer, they have done; that is saving your changes with the DECO in the storage, with the big edit tool.

    And I found it quite manageable this way, when I did a redesign of my town - I put it all in, then the CBs out, arranged them in a corner, then the houses, the same, and then saved. The deco I added during the following days (not all anyway).
    Having a plan for yourself, like which corner is meant for what, how much water, and such will be certainly helpful - maybe just use a little note on paper

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    We do have the ability to temporarily store those items while we rearrange things, but we need to put them back out before we can close up.

    Enter edit mode using the 4 way arrow in the upper left, then select the graphic along the bottom that shows a building going into a box. That lets us drag any building or decoration over to the new storage column that appears on the left.

    It would be nice if they gave us more time, as a major rearrangement usually Needs more than one play session. I guess we need to just work in segments.
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