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Thread: Regatta Tasks

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    Regatta Tasks

    It seems that problems with player's zoos disappearing continues to be an issue. Why then do "Hot Item" tasks continue to appear as Regatta tasks? Then, a player takes the risk to select a mystery task, and it's a "Hot Item" task for a player who has a zoo that has disappeared! The only option is to dump that task. Not an ideal choice.

    Here is my suggestion: Why can't Regatta Tasks be available only for a limited time? For example, if after 24 hours a task is not taken or reserved it is removed and replaced with another task.

    Please consider this request. I know others in my co-op like this idea and have actually encouraged me to post this Wish here.

    Thank you.

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    Are you worried about GLB ranking? If so then yes deleting affects you. If you are not working towards GLB ranking the deletes don't affect you place in the regatta.

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