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Thread: Extremely Disturbing Ads

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    Extremely Disturbing Ads

    PLEASE stop running extremely disturbing and misleading advertisements in other games! I frequently get ads that have some kind of trap puzzle that will auto-play and dump hot lava onto animals or people. The animals and people then SCREAM, and it is VERY UPSETTING. I have been receiving them in the Idle Miner game for months now, and I can't tell you how much I hate it. To be honest, I was an active Township player for about a year, but these ads have made me so upset with Playrix that I will never play another Playrix game.

    Here are screenshots of the ads in question:





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    I think THAT game looks pretty FUN! To each their own, I guess

    Sorry you're so UPSET about it

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    You think a game where you can burn animals to death while they scream looks pretty fun? That’s... unsettling.

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    Ads are set by a third party as far as I know and Playrix have no influence on their content.
    You will find the same ads in most games of this genre.

    Just FYI, the forum is mainly players helping players, and as such cannot change anything to do with the game.
    Playrix staff rarely make an appearance.
    If you want the devs to see your concerns, may I suggest you send them direct in game.

    So sorry you are upset, I understand where you are coming from.

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    There is a video on the official Playrix Facebook site that shows how Devs create the butler of Gardenscapes and Homescapes.
    But within a minute you will find out that their serious proces of sketching and designing will be combined with the fun they have in creating earlier species of these 'strange' adds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honeymeadow View Post
    You think a game where you can burn animals to death while they scream looks pretty fun? That’s... unsettling.
    Yes, because it's not even slightly realistic. They aren't animals to me, only pixels in an entertaining puzzle. The OP is entitled to their opinion of course and it's never nice to see somebody distressed, but I think Playrix would need to do worse than flash-frying some cartoons to upset most people. I don't know where would be safe for someone so sensitive.

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    Just report them while they're playing (there's an icon for that) - that's what I have done a few times when they showed up in Township and those particular videos never came around again.

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    I don't think meanwhile, that Playrix has nothing to do with these ads. I also thought lately, when seeing a video, that they even do them themselves.
    We had also a big thread here about the topic, if not several.

    It seems that many players DL and start the games pictured with this kind of ads (not only Playrix games, so other companies must be involved, too), and then STAY a long time waiting for the shown situations. Just look at the reviews at Google Play Store, f.e.

    And very few delete the games, when they finally find out the real nature of the game... just another M3 or whatever genre.
    et voilà, goal reached: The game page at the store shows millions of downloads.
    And some players will pay for these "free to play" games sooner or later, too.
    => The companies are rubbing their hands.

    Cuddz is right about the way how to reach the Devs, or the Deciders at these companies.
    But I doubt it will have a result, sorry.

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