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Thread: New feed mill, please

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    I think the view is that while you do store animal feed in the barn, once you have 8 shelves in your 3 feed mills, you have enough shelf space to hold the feed for all the current animals without using barn space. Adding mushroom feed / substrate changes that dynamic so you'll need to actually take up barn space with something from the feed mill.

    I'm on the fence about this. I have land space for another feed mill but many do not. I also don't know how I would re-distribute my "feed allocations" with 8 more shelves available, I certainly don't need 8 bags of mushroom feed

    ETA: in looking at your post again, I think you are conflating the Mushroom Farm with a Feed Mill (or sort of). The Mushroom Farm is a consumer of something produced at the Feed Mill and produces a Mushroom Crop, so you need both.

    Thank you for the explanation Charlie, yes I’ve got it now...
    I agree extra shelves would be easier to manage, both in terms of space and also in that all feeds would remain together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    Instead of another feedmill, I would prefer two extra shelves in the ones we already have.
    I agree with this. I don't want another feedmill taking up more space. Also another box for producing feed would be good too.

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    I am down with either a new mill or extra shelves. But we need something!

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    I’m coping for now with one feed mill used for sheep,pigs,bees and now substrate and the other two for cow and chicken feed, but it’s not ideal as I’ve lost the two spare slots I had for the multiple mill. I’d like another feed mill as this would take the pressure off and help with storage. I hope the devs listen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monaco View Post
    I would prefer extra shelves and additional production boxes, also in the factories.
    Yes, my preference as well!

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    I’d be very, very surprised if we got extra shelves in the feed mills and factories. It’d be far easier to just give you another feed mill from the devs point of view. However, I’d be surprised if we even got that! Although I’d like it as I’ve previously said.

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    Another Feed Mill

    We could really use another feed mill to keep up and store food for future use. 3 is really not enough.


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