Dear Developers,

First of all, thanks for the lovely game, I play it from the beginning, still having fun every day I play.
Thanks, that you have bring the Professor, back in the game.

I would like to give some ideas, for improving the game.

I think that it still costs a lot of time, before you can build you Animals Stays, Build new Factories and Upgrade your Barn.
You have to collect, so many materials that it’s really takes way too long, to build it.
I have a lot of Factories, Animals Stays, that are not finished, it take really more than a year to do that.

It would be nice, if you bring back in the game, that you can make products in the Zoo Shops, much more fun.

Why can’t you buy LAB Boosters in the Store.
You can only buy money for the game, in combinaties with LAB Boosters, it would be nice I you can for example buy
20% more Barn Storage or Upgrade your Factories.

If you have the 20% Barn Storage for 2 days, it only not fair that you get not the time, to bring back you Storage.
I have had the Booster several time and really Saïd, that I have to sell all the products to the original contents of the Barn.

I think that the Zoo walks far behind with new Update, I have No space to put a new Animal Stay.
The extensions really take a very long time, before they are available, that is too bad, because I really like the Zoo too.

I hope my ideas are helpful 😁😁

But anyway, I really give you many Compliments for the great game, won’t miss it for a day!!!!!!

Kind regards from a happy, loyal player,

Sandy 🥰❤️❤️🥰