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Thread: February 2020 Update [Android/iOS/Kindle/MAC]

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    Banned right after the update!!!! :-(((((
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    Thanks Joe. Although we got the message saying she’d been banned and that her points wouldn’t count towards the co-op total - the points for her completed tasks haven’t been deducted....... Maybe the message was a glitch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Migatown View Post
    Banned right after the update!!!! :-(((((
    och Mönsch :-( that's so annoying - if it's your MAC town, try Joe's suggestion here -? good luck!

    (assume you reported it already? if not, do it, and good luck for that, too!)

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    So sorry to hear the ban-bot has found its way to Mac. It seems to happen every update - so frustrating and disheartening

    I've just updated on Kindle, and no problems I can see so far (fingers crossed)

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    Just updated on Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    Just updated on Android.
    Yay + thanks - here then, too!

    but (I was forewarned from here, but) really... FOUR factories with 9 products and 8 shelves now?!
    and NO NEW feeding mill?!
    NOT COOL, Playrix!

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    Just updated mine too. Android on the east coast.
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    Need more shelves in feed mill

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    Updated on Android about 2 hours ago. Midwest US.

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    Banned after update

    Quote Originally Posted by Migatown View Post
    Banned right after the update!!!! :-(((((
    I too have been banned after the update. Any suggestions?
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