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Thread: Horror production week

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    Horror production week

    This has been the most frustrating week of play i have ever had. Thank you for the new mushroom farm but seriously, it takes almost 3 day to build but in the mean time i have to fill orders for 5 new products, not to mention those extra lovelies for the event. Seriously could this update not have been introduced on a week that did not require extra event items to be produced as well? Sh....t timing playrix. I love this game and have really enjoyed playing up now but introducing 10 new items in one week (level 85), not ok......

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    I don’t even bother to play events now. I looked at the sea of items that I need to produce and I just can’t catch up even with the dealer going flat out
    Loved the game but costing too much and now too much aggro to bother playing. The mushroom farm is just a step too far
    Very disappointing

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    The mushroom farm followed by the latest event taking up space in the barn has been extremely frustrating for me. I had one barn expansion coupon and I've used it (and filled the extra space amazingly fast), but the event runs far longer than the coupon will and the mushroom farm is permanent unless I can convince them to do a rollback. :-p

    I'm hoping I see light at the end of the tunnel as I'm L91 and don't have that much more for items and factories to unlock. But in the meantime the way barn raw materials are so terrifically rare has been really frustrating. I run around 20 trains/day and see maybe a half dozen barn upgrade items from them. I hope they make a point of never adding any more regular items again, as the complexity and sheer workload of a fully built up town is now a burden rather than a source of fun.

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    The game is no longer about township it’s about money screwing events.

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