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Thread: A new character in game

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    A new character in game

    Greetings my lovely developers of township.
    Got an idea that would be fun for people in a daily quest. If you could create a character that would be wondering the city daily and you find him and click on him you would receive a bonus prize. (Like find waldo, only you get something out of it😉). It would enable players to daily look at all the characters activities in their towns daily.

    Warm thanks to all

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    I love this idea. It sort of expands on a feature already in the game, where there’s a speech/thought bubble that randomly appears from a townie that asks for a community building or another——Tapping the bubble gets you a couple xp. Salmanation’s idea can just be a continuation/expansion along that theme.

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    Exactly what I had in mind Duranie, especially because of the existing speech bubbles. Shouldn't be really hard to do. And it would be cool if you can go to other players towns as well to search for that character. It would enable players to visit each other and see their towns more thoroughly.
    I know some towns are really small, so the developers could make it like the higher your level or your land expanded in the town, the better the reward you can get from that character which you find.

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    That is a good idea! It would ensure, for me anyway, that I take a moment to thoroughly look over my town. Sometimes I don't see that my houses are complete or an expansion is finished.

    Great thinking!

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    I quite like the idea of visiting other towns to find the character. That serves to have us not just visit, but actually take in other towns visually.
    I’ve seen some very beautiful towns already, and I enjoy seeing the different set ups.

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