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Thread: I cannot connect to the servers correctly

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    I cannot connect to the servers correctly

    This has never happened to me before so i'm asking help.

    Around 2 months ago, I lost the connection to my Facebook account and I couldn't recconect.

    Now 1 day ago, I permanently lost connection to the servers.

    I cannot enter other people's towns and cannot enter the regatta.

    And I constantly get that message saying that I do not have connection to the server and I should not reinstall the game.

    I don't know why this happened, and I sent an email to the support but no respond.

    Regards, Omega.

    PD: Around 5 months ago also, I lost my zoo progress. I play on Windows 10 and i'm level 62. I do not know if this has been resolved on another thread.

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    Omega City I found out in the past that I was having Problems similar.. If you have a VPN running I advise you close it. Uninstall Township (Hopefully You Have A Facebook Account Associated with Township) Reinstall Township from Microsoft Store When Asked enter your Facebook ID and Password and it should be OK.
    Good Luck
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