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Thread: Industrial Boom Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by HavaDrPepper View Post
    My final reward is 15TC, 5 pink gems and 1 high-speed production booster.

    I usually notice that quite a few in my group are in different time zones than I am. I go to bed sitting in a good position but when I log on the next morning, I have dropped down a few spots. The ending time of all these are also in the middle of the night for me so even if I am in a good spot when I go to bed, I am very rarely in that same position when it ends. Last night I in 5th and woke up to being in 8th. I have worked my way back up and another player and I are in the 6th/7th range.

    I just keep plugging along and playing my game and will be happy with whatever I get because it is something I wouldn't have other wise!
    Yes, this is exactly my experience as well. If I have a good lead when I go to bed, there's always a lot of activity when I'm sleeping and when I wake I've often dropped a level or 2. At this stage in my game there aren't as many power players in my group so I don't usually drop too far, if I'm putting time into the event (there is often a player who is more competitive though so usually first place is well ahead of the rest of the group. Those under are aiming for the 2-3 spots). I also just keep plugging along, and often I end up in the top 7 or so, depending on the even. Sometimes better, and sometimes not.

    This time I had some boosters and it helped my game a lot, so I got to be the first place player (yay!) but I'm usually not. It's ok though as it's too much responsibility lol. I don't like trying to keep my spot as I'm not too competitive. I just like a casual fun game.

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    You shouldn't have wasted your time I came first and never got the 50 game pounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooperstown View Post
    You shouldn't have wasted your time...

    Not getting shown rewards is certainly not the desired result, by either side.
    I've replied to your other post with some hints here.

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    Well, I decided to put in the effort and came in first place. The 50 Tcash was nice, but I spent so much more tcash acquiring factory boxes during prep I'm not sure it was worth it, ha! However, I see it as a good investment and it was fun. A nice bonus was earning the second Champion Mayor Achievement for myself.

    I think the real effort was in prep. After the first night my lead was never threatened and I was able to produce longer running factory items and sit back and relax a bit rather than try to play catch up with bread and sugar. A fully stocked barn of time intensive factory goods made game play fun - sending off lots of high coin copters and helping tons of friends.

    As for the complaint about trains asking for items we didn't have an abundance of as a result of the event... I think that's part of the risk/reward. If you wanted to put the effort into winning this event you had to be okay with letting other regular parts of the game take a back seat, something I expected going in. I usually finish all of my regatta task (16x135) within 2-3 days and it took me the whole week this time. Several of my trains sat unfilled for hours as I waited for island goods from ships or a market refresh. Managing your expectations is the key to happiness

    For this event I ran the factory booster, crop booster, and 20% extra barn capacity booster. If we get the event again, I'd use the smart navigation booster (50% faster ships) if available instead of the crop booster because I was always out of island goods.
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