Hello my name is Frank wanted to ask about The game. It is on my phone first and when i put it on my tablet it is starting a brand new game, yet if I go back to my phone it will ask which game the one on tablet which is new or my older one on cell do i want to play yet does not do y this on my tablet it just starts new one ive tried deleting and reinstalling no luck some files must stick and cause it did not do the intro at start up...Both are connected to google play and fb? Is the something I'm not clicking on, or is that how it works? Clueless and any help would be greatly appreciated, because i have several neurological issues that mess with cogitive thingys and am home bound and on some days bed bound, there is no way my MS and cog issue can read all the threads, sorry if this is a duplicate question already asked,
Thank you

Peace folks

What's up with keyboard do i need to turn off swype?
I saw a guide to dl at play store is that legit, sorry see my brain wanders and forgets, again thanks