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Thread: Regatta Statistics not adding up properly

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    Regatta Statistics not adding up properly

    Our total for the interseasonal just finished shows as one task lower than it ought. It isn't the first time I've seen the issue in our co-op numbers but last time I think it might have fixed itself later (maybe at the end of the week, but can't remember exactly).

    Wondering if this has been pointed out/reported before as surely it must affect other co-ops???


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    Seems to me there was a similar problem caused by players not signing off/signing back on again or some such thing. Their completed task(s) did not show up in statistics until they had done so.

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    Hmm... So was that listing one of their tasks in the column with the pencil and paper but not adding it into the total at the bottom?

    We've got 34+22+18+11+9+5+3+3+2+1+some zeroes = 107

    I remember seeing one or two chests that people were due for as part of their 9 not getting updated until they had come back to the game but that is the other column.
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