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Thread: Township on PC / Windows 10 -- Game Disappeared, How Do I Reinstall?

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    Township on PC / Windows 10 -- Game Disappeared, How Do I Reinstall?

    Last night, my Township game stopped working. I play on a PC / Windows 10 and I've been playing daily since September 2018. This has never happened before. I closed it out, rebooted, and when I opened the program, I see the "Playrix" opening screen -- and then it goes dark.

    I have now uninstalled it and I'm trying to reinstall it via the Microsoft Store but for some reason, that is not working either. It says I own the game and gives me an option to reinstall on my device but when I do, I get a message that says it's "attempting to install on my device" but nothing happens. I have tried this multiple times and also rebooted my computer a few times. It is linked to my Facebook account.

    I would appreciate any help in finding a way to reinstall the game. It did seem like a system issue since the game went black before I uninstalled it.

    Thank you.

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    If you have CCleaner after you uninstall you should run it. That way you get a clean install.

    My wife and I both had issues recently and this fixed it for us.
    Thank you, Gary
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