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Thread: Inter seasonal task impossible for Coop to do

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    If you buy from the Dealer the items won’t count fir regatta tasks, they have to be produced in the factories, or harvested from fields etc.
    This applies to anything requested in the coop as well.
    Unless you are buying products to fill trains, plane or helis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbv View Post
    Hi JayS, sorry...when I've got stuck that way before..sometimes I could, or another co-op member could, buy the items from Raja.
    Thanks for explanation hbv, am not firing on all cylinders at the moment so misunderstood. Excellent advice from Cuddz.

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    Thanks JJay for info

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willow-WaldoMag View Post
    Thanks JJay for info
    You're welcome, and if you have questions just ask. I only post my opinions, but I'm sure if you ask something other people will give you alternative ideas

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