Hello devs...

Township is clearly bronze ingot heavy when it comes to upgrading factories, trains, islands, etc. I feel like I always have plenty of silver, gold and platinum ingots but never enough bronze no matter how much mining I do. I am sure this is built into the game algorithms to add challenge/strategy but it is definitely a choke point as you get into the upper levels.

A while back you introduced the tool exchange. I am proposing something similar with an ingot exchange whereby the player could swap the various types of ingots for one another. So maybe 1 platinum = 3 bronze, 1 gold = 2 bronze or something to that effect. Maybe a blacksmith concept that offers various ore and/or ingot combos or package deals kind of like the dealer at the market? Given that ingots consume valuable barn space having an ingot swap would help with inventory management as well (I realize I can leave ore in storage without smelting to preserve barn inventory space but that is a different discussion.)

I'm a level 105 player for about three years now. I don't mind the slow burn format of this game at all because it makes things more rewarding when you finally do acquire special items or reach achievements. I think an ingot exchange would add a nice strategy and resource usage dimension for players.

Anyway, great game and keep the updates coming!