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    The dinosaurs are permanently in my zoo and the car collection is grouped with other “auto” themed CBs permanently in town.
    The spaceport got put into storage to make room for Christmas and hasn’t made it back yet....this is what it looked like...
    I’ve completed the snowman and tree of life too but, due to lack of space, they will only come out seasonally.

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    Thanks for sharing Maggie
    Those magical Observatories look awesome next to your rocket.
    I have just one species of this tower of magic and because of its hight not easy to find a good place for it.

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    Nice Magnolia. I only have one of the towers and cows. May have to get a few more next time that race comes along.

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    Late post: here’s how I decorated around the Dinosaurs and the Tree of Light. The Dinosaurs are in the zoo, which has other themed areas where most of the extra decorations go. The Tree of Life is in my town in the Asian Village. I like how everyone else has integrated these decos into their towns.



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