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Thread: Bridges in Township

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    Bridges in Township

    I would love an update on the bridges in Township. It's my favorite game app and I love to use the water bridge's to connect the roads but unfortunately the cars cannot drive over the bridge's. They just keep driving back and forth. I would love an update so the cars can drive over the bridge's to get to the other side of the road. Thank you.
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    Unfortunately this is on the No No list.
    It’s been asked for on the Wish list a few times and still not implemented.
    Have a look when you have time at the link in my signature to see the full list.

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    However you can put your roads right across the water and they look like bridges of a sort. To me it looks just like the roads that go across waterways in the SE United States & some in the Puget Sound area of pacific NW US.

    Cars will then drive right across, thus making — ta da— a bridge !

    For real life examples search Google for the “Hood Canal Bridge” and for the roadway that connects the Florida Keys. These are just 2 examples. Another is the highway to Mercer Island in WA.
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