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Thread: Missing township cash

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    Missing township cash

    Lastnight I had around $40 in township cash today it says I only have $2. I'm wondering if I could find out where it went or what it was used on? I do have kids so it is possible they may have got to my phone but not sure

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    It is easy to accidentally spend T-cash unless you turn on the "Use Cash" setting. It will popup a confirmation window in most cases when you do some that spends it. However, it does not always popup a message under some circumstances so it pays to be careful.


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    ...and here is the thread listing where that Tcash-use settings works and where not:

    Wingo, you would still need to explain to your kids how to react to the popup msg then - with a "No, don't use", for example?

    And it is worth a try asking Playrix whether they can pls look it up in your game data, as it's a small amount of time to check - send a report via ingame, check here (if Windows, there's another link inside):

    and just state the facts, the time period and ask for checking-help.
    Leave out any assumptions what could be a reason; it would only confuse them.

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