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Thread: Report an issue button

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    Report an issue button

    Hello all

    Has anyone else experienced problems with their settings buttons,( the one in the top left corner of the game screen that looks like a cog)

    When I click on my REPORT AN ISSUE button-nothing/nada/zilch. My other buttons for eg. like posting here/game settings, they work.
    I am officially flummoxed, HELLLPPP.

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    have you the pc version ? me an other in my co-op are in the same problem.

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    If you have the PC version. You must attach an email to Windows Outlook. Should work after that. It took me a while to figure it out and if Outlook gets updated you have to do it all over.

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    What Gary said, reminded me of this thread:

    Look at the end for special mail instructions and the link for the setup.

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