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Thread: Leader and 2 co-leaders not playing anymore.

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    Exclamation Leader and 2 co-leaders not playing anymore.

    Hi township players... only just joined this Forum so still learning my way around... my question is my co-op's Leader and 2 co-leaders are not playing anymore and I can't kick them, I am a co-leader... I need them removed to have space for other regular players who want to join my co-op. I have messaged Support but no answers.... Do I have to leave existing co-op first before I make a new one as I have read the Support questions... it says there is a "create co-op" button at the co-op house thingy but I don't see that anywhere, there is no option for me to start a new one, so just wondering if I have to leave this co-op first and then start a new one. I don't want to do this as Regatta stats will be lost and I also don't want to lose any of the team members who we have now.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    Since you can't (and support won't) kick out the inactive members, the only option you have is to form a new co-op. In order to do that, you will have to leave your current co-op, create a new one, then invite the active members to join you in the new co-op. Make sure to have them on your friends list first, so you can issue them invitations, and it also makes it easier if you discuss and coordinate with them in chat before you leave.

    The main drawback of this option is that you will start in the wooden league with the new co-op, so you'll have to work your way back up in higher leagues and the previous racing stats will be lost. But, the advantage will be that you'll be leader, you'll be able to manage your new co-op's activity, which is always better than being stuck in a co-op with an inactive leader.

    When you leave the co-op (preferably in between races), you will see the option to create your own, when you tap the Co-Op Building.

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do.
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    Thank you so much dreadnought for your quick response... I have let my "team" know that I will start a new coop after this Regatta and we are adding each other as friends already so fingers crossed all goes well..... we were at silver in Regatta at one stage but since Leader and 2 co-leaders left have dropped down a couple of levels..... oh well, will start again, it is meant to be a fun game and I don't want any stress for any team member or myself so just going with the flow while we all get to play and stay safe and healthy with this Covid19 being such a worry....

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    Hi Vicki. About 4 years ago I had this same problem. I asked the forum for advice and then documented the end experience. I hope THIS THREAD (click here) will help with a smooth transition.

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    If your coop is used to racing in gold, you should be able to move up from wood back to gold pretty quickly. You are picking a good week to do it. If you finish top 3 each week, you could be back in gold before the end of next season, in time to buy the gold only decoration if you like.

    Personally, I found those first few weeks of racing in the newly formed coop to be more fun than any time since. The weekly grind of 16x135 in Gold League is not nearly as fun as getting to Gold was.

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