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Thread: DUMB Valentine Question

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    DUMB Valentine Question

    So, okay, I am a solo co-op. A dear friend just sent me a Valentine with a cute and pricey image, which I promptly reciprocated to her. Since it did not end up in my decorations I assume it was a “sticker?” Not familiar with these - where did it go? How do I find it?

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    You can find it by opening your chat window. You can see stickers there. You can send it to yourself lol. I am a solo racer too so miss out on using stickers. If I send them to myself I can open the chat window and see them but it not quite the same as their intended use.

    I assume you received the ducks? They are way cute! I wish they had been a decoration! Some new stuffed animals would be nice. Bring back the cat. Add a dog. Ducks. Otters. Etc. I personally found the Valentine gift offerings to be very disappointing this year.

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    Thanks for the info, Cody. The sticker was an Otter, I think, with a red heart ❤️.

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    He is a cutie patootie. Sweet gift. I'm glad that as solo players we can still post them to chat and enjoy them.

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    The ones that have the "chat icon" below them are usable in the chat window only. No placeable item. The rest when opened go directly to your storage area. I did not thing about sending to myself. May have to do that although I think they are overpriced which seems to be the norm lately.

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    The stickers are INCREDIBLY overpriced!

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    Das ist endlich mal ein wahres Wort, Sauerei zum Fest der Liebe, eine App und deren Server zu unterhalten. Das geht anders wie die Entwickler wissen.

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    How do you send them to yourself?
    Is it because you have 2 towns?

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    I'm a solo player with one town (kindle). I go to my chat window, click the sticker icon on top right, go to the list of available stickers, pick one, it shows up in my chat window. I don't have any of the three new stickers because no one has sent me one (good thing as they are expensive and I don't have anyone to chat with).

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    If you really want it, buy and sent it to yourself.

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