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Thread: Ore Galore Mini-Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by gggillis View Post
    I'm on my second light. Started with 1800 picks, 126 dynamite, and 102 TNT. I've got 1508 points in the Mine Time event.
    173 Clay, 822 copper ore, 428 silver ore, 348 gold ore, and 204 platinum ore.
    I'm starting to make ore but will us the smelter bonus once I finish digging.

    I'm already planning for next time this comes around and can't wait to get this on the PC!


    I am finished with the mining event.

    0 picks, 22 tnt, and 48 dynamite remaining. I will start buying for next time today and not use. I know that will waste my Light but you can only dig some long.

    Devo cues... "workin in a coal mine goin down down"

    Total on clay/ore is
    209 clay
    924 copper
    499 silver
    420 gold
    252 platinum

    Final depth is 1828.

    Can't wait for the next Mine Time!
    Wow! Well done! Congrats!

    I love that mini event too and waiting for Verne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine Richter View Post
    Great concept, except I had to go down 19 levels to get one piece. Double isn’t good if you don’t give us pieces along the way
    First, thank you the event. I find this to the better of the events offered.

    Second, I experienced the same lack of ore in over 600 levels of mining. There were multiple long stretches w/o any ore or artifacts. I collected more ore on the first day (before Ore-Galore) started. And yes, the booster was engaged during my mining excursions (three rounds).

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    Just for fun

    last event final depth 5, YES in words competition

    clay 1
    copper 3
    silver, gold and platinum ZERO

    this event final depth 5057

    clay 637
    copper 2881
    silver 1782
    gold 1204
    platinum 753

    2 booster were used

    like that event

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    I loved this event! I saved my mining tools so I'd be ready to play and did really well! I didn't count what I spent in tools or the amt. of ore I mined, but know I did very well! Hopefully enough to continue making ingots and finish a few more factory upgrades. I did use 2 flashlights in the mine and have been using a boost so I get 1/2 time to finish ingots.

    Again -- LOVE this event!

    And, as a bonus, I came in 2nd in the mining event. LOL - I always come in last as I never pay much attention to those little 2-day side events.

    Looking forward to more of these Ore Galore mini events and waiting patiently for the professor's experiments - that one is great!

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    I'm at a stage in my game where things have slowed down and I am really concentrating on upgrades so I was excited about this event too. I have Raj always and 95% of the time I use Raj for ore. Ore is pretty cheap compared to mining tools, which made me wonder if this event was worth using Raj for tools leading up to the event?? I don't think it was worth buying tools for it unless you really wanted to place in the event, but please prove me wrong!

    If I can recall 15 picks are over 2,000 coins compared to 13 copper ore for less than 300 coins. I think you use far more than 15 picks to mine 13 copper ore and I doubt you could make up the difference in coins with caves and chests. Those are some pretty basic numbers, but I think leading up to the event its actually better to keep buying ore than buy and stock pile mining tools.

    However, I really liked this event because I had quite a few tools saved up without having purchased them at the market - just rarely choose those regatta tasks, so they added up over time. Made for a sweet bonus just to use them up Thanks for this event!

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    just_a_minute, here is my experience. I never pay attention to coin costs at the dealer as I do a lot of helicopter orders so I always have plenty of coin on hand. But as far as the value of buying 15 picks versus 9/13 ore goes, here are the results of 20 trials of buying 15 picks and logging everything I got mining with them. NOTE: These trials were NOT run with the 2X ore event, so double all ore found in the results below for such events.

    Per 15-pick trial (which includes using up any picks found along the way in the mine):
    Depth increased: 14.95
    Dynamite used per trial (net): 0.1
    TNT used per trial (net): 0.35
    Copper found: 3.8
    Silver found: 2.2
    Gold found: 0.85
    Platinum found: 0.75
    Coins found: 505.95
    Relics found: 0.3
    Tcash found: 0.25
    Special found: 0.1 (Other items than tcash/relics)

    So with the 2X event I was finding over 15 ore for every 15 picks, assuming results consistent with these tallies. That's in addition to finding coins, relics, tcash and the like. Dynamite and TNT use was typically modest, though this would be dependent on your exact strategies for using vs. conserving those items.

    EDIT: These results were run during a previous Mine Time event when the emphasis was on drilling down over finding items, though I tended to snag everything I conveniently could as I mined down the layers. I was not using the flashlight booster. Using the flashlight would tend to yield more ore but at a significant reduction in how deep one digs and would use up more TNT and Dynamite going sideways and through rock walls to grab things along the way.
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    I love the statistics! Super interesting, thank you

    I just tested Raj and got these deals:
    15 picks = 1,890
    13 copper = 242
    13 silver = 366
    9 gold = 377
    9 platinum = 631

    So on a regular day if you bought (max 15) picks 8 times you would spend 15,120 coins (But only 11,072 after getting coins back from mining) and on average get the following plus 2 tcash and a relic or 2 when you mine:
    Copper 30.4
    Silver 17.6
    Gold 6.8
    Platinum 6
    Total Ore 60.8

    Alternatively, you could buy max amounts of ore twice for each type for a total of 8 purchases of 3,232 coins total and get:
    Copper 26
    Silver 26
    Gold 18
    Platinum 18
    Total Ore 88

    So unless the double event is on, buying ore is a better deal than buying tools, no surprise there. If the double event is on, you are still spending 7,840 more coins to buy picks to earn 33.6 more ore which is mostly going to be copper. This means the additional cost of each ore is around 233 - pretty steep when you can buy 13 copper for just 242 total. So even with the double event going on it is still cheaper to buy ore from Raj than to have saved up picks from buys. However, for every 8 times you buy picks you get about $2 tcash from mining plus relics and gems, some pretty nice rewards. Not to mention, you would have to use up more purchases from Raj to get the same amount of ore and that's precious to me.

    As long as I have coins to spare, I think I'll buy up tools for the next event

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