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Thread: Valentines Gift Swap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anamyax View Post
    Hi! Everyone
    I would like to swap like for like the following:

    Bear in love
    Stuffed unicorn
    Heart to heart fountain
    Peacocks in Love

    Town Name: Anitaville
    Co-op name:Queen nilo
    Friend Code: #56W6WM

    Thank you.
    I'll swap the Bear in Love and the Stuffed Unicorn with you. Sending a request now (T&M Township)!

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    Thank you guys, for all the successful gift swaps. I am still interested in swapping the Heart to heart fountain. My details are quoted in the post above this.

    EDIT: Swap complete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna777 View Post

    I would like to find someone to swap
    -Heart to heart fountain x2 (Done 1) id still like a another one!
    -Just married (done)
    -Peacocks in love x2 (done 1) -id still like another one!
    -Statue of Lovers

    please dm me my code is DFYC42

    if you would like to swap other ones, ill might do it!
    Thank you
    Sorry would, like to swap Statue of lovers? I will send you, but i would like you not to send me back, but to another account. cause i cant send to that account directly unfortunately.
    My code is: EQJ694

    And Code to which to send back: J7VJF2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majin_Buu View Post
    Hey Guys!

    I have interesting situation lol.

    I would like to swap in this way.
    We exchange, but, instead of sending me back. u send to other account.
    Cauz i actually want to present all this to my fiancee. But i cant give her valentine gifts. Like ive reached limit of gifts or something. I even deleted all friends except her, and still wasnt able to choose her, so that i gift her present. and even wrote to support, but no answer.

    Just Married for Just Married - DONE (Thank You Farheen)

    Statue of Lovers for Statue of Lovers - DONE (Thank You Anna777)

    Undying Love for Undying Love - DONE (Thank You Farheen)

    Affection Statue for Affection Statue

    Angelic Otter for Angelic Otter

    Love Birds for Love Birds

    My Code is EQJ694

    And to send to my fiance, Her code is J7VJF2

    So if any questions just PM me or reply to my message please.
    Awaiting eagerly.
    Guys anyone more swaps?
    Read my post for details

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    Wish we could buy ourselves a gift: the fountain is beautiful 🤩

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    M2ARGE is my friend code 💕

    I am willing to trade


    I really like the unicorn plushie and am looking for as many as possible. I will send you one back as soon as i am gifted one (let me know if you would like a unicorn or bear in the note section while sending gift)

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    You can see who sent you the gift by placing it then clicking on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unicorn_M2ARGE View Post
    You can see who sent you the gift by placing it then clicking on it.
    That's right, but Mayfield asked about those they sent gifts TO.
    Also, 2 more hints: the names shown are often old ones, either old town names or which ppl used at Google Play or wherever they have their "social media" / backup account. I notice it on balloons, too.

    and 2nd and more important: In earlier situations with the Valentine's gifts, Playrix has taken away the name of the sender(s) - later. As usual, w/o announcement, warning or explanation.
    They probably needed the room/space for such "memory", but it's very sad nonetheless.
    So, if you want to remember, it's a good idea to make a simple little list for yourself, outside of the game, a note in editor/notebook or on paper.

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    I would like the heart fountain please and will get you one back

    TOWN Blyton Rocks

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    Hey lovelies!
    I would like to trade the UNICORN for a UNICORN

    Town name: Bunny Blossom
    Town code: QVJNML

    Thanks and a happy Valentines!

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