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Thread: mad as hell need help

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    mad as hell need help

    I opened the game to find all of my mining pic Axes bombs and dynamite gone. I would like to know what in the glitch happened to all the items. I have Not mined in 2 weeks... I have paid alot of money to play my regatta and now It’s just disappeared... What can I do . I need my items back stat .. ...??.....???..??Plz helppppitems disappearing

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    Hi Cocorich, Welcome to the forum,
    The best thing to do would be to send an in game report to CS.
    The Playrix staff rarely come into the forum, so your post may not be seen.

    I’m assuming you have done the usual stuff, emptying cache, and a hard restart.
    Hope you get it sorted.

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    You will have to report this directly from within your game (Settings > Help and Support), and give them as many details as you can about what happened. How many tools you had, if anything else went wrong before this occurred - did you re-install the game, switched devices, etc. Only they can help and restore your items for you.
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