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Thread: Mayor Achievement Not Working

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    Exclamation Mayor Achievement Not Working

    I’m getting complaints from my co-op members that when they win the individual events in between regattas, their Champion Mayor Achievement does NOT record it & give their t-cash for the new stars won. I personally have won the last 2 events & have not seen mine change either so I’m thinking they’re right. Can we fix this issue?

    Thank You!
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    I've never understood that achievement either. I think it doesn't count all the mini-events. It seems to count only certain ones, like the game task events (e.g., mining, transport) rather than the side events. Or maybe the other way around.
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    Just checked, the Under water that was way to long event did not count towards the Mayor's Achievement. Nor did the Piggy Jumping one which I won both of. Ok my wife won the Pig Jumpin one for me I was horrible at it.

    Mine Time is the next test I guess. But I'm not starting until day 2 for the double ore.
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    I've only found this post:

    Quote Originally Posted by specialj501 View Post
    The snowboarding event is not part of the mayor's competition. Only the magnate mini events are part of this achievement. ...
    but no real (official) explanation, which events are counted as "magnate".
    (If specialj sees this, maybe they can remember)

    The Help mentions it only for the "Mine Time tournament":

    As with other mayors' tournaments, your wins in the Mine Time tournament will be counted towards the Champion Mayor achievement.
    although the Transport Magnate has it even in its name.
    So I think these 2 are counted for the achievement, as Mayfield guessed above.
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    Mine time and transport magnate count towards champion mayor achievement but 'main' events don't. Am unsure about whether or not the recent grow crops and upcoming make products mini-events contribute.

    ETA. Current rule of thumb seems to be that if an event lasts a long time and provides regatta tasks, then it won't count towards mayor achievement. Really hoping that changes as will never ever place first in mining event even with help from concurrent double-ore 'perk'.
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    Advanced Agriculture counts towards the CMA and, according to the graphic clues in the Event Calendar, so will the Industrial Boom event.
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    That's what I was trying to get at. This achievement was newly added shortly after they started these newer events that involve just doing more of a regular game play aspect. Those are Mayor competitions. Snowboarding, fruit slicing, fishing tournament, bubblegum, etc, which involve separate, temporary game activities, are not mayor competitions. Apparently we participate in those only in our capacity as private citizen, not in our mayoral role. Lol, if we aren't playing those as mayor, then how come we still get to tell the factories what to make and to raid the barn for its contents?
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    Here’s a CrAzY idea - why not just say it’s a Mayor Event! Come on Township this is silly. Mayor’s Agriculture Event, Mayor’s Transport Event, Mayor’s Mine Time Event - these are not difficult things! & No I don’t think the Industrial Boom event is included because it says it’s a group event with group goals.
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