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Thread: Christmas decorations

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    Christmas decorations

    Hello all

    Although I have loved my town covered in fairy lights over the Christmas period, I think it's time they were taken down now.

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    I took mine down after the Christmas period. Think it was when a new regatta started so I could use those decos in their place.
    I’m wondering if you mean you are stuck with all the decorated housing etc, if that’s the case then you probably need to update your game.
    As far as I’m aware the January update will be available to you, but February’s hasn’t appeared yet. Though it will most likely be here next week.
    If you are sure your game is up to date, but still have a Christmas theme there, maybe you need to send a report in game to CS.
    Good luck with it

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    I believe Woodyville plays on Windows; so it might be a different situation for them.

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    Yes DD, I am a Windows widow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodyville View Post

    Yes DD, I am a Windows widow
    Hi, Woodyville,

    yes, and it's probably still worth to try and follow Cuddz' suggestions

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    Hi DD

    Checked my game, and it is up to date (for us on windows )

    I'll try customer services, but I shan't be holding my breath.

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    I remember last year being surprised how late into the spring they kept the snow around on mobile too. They switched back to green much earlier this year.

    Maybe next year they'll get it changed for Windows too.
    Played on and off since October 2017
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodyville View Post
    ...I'll try customer services, but I shan't be holding my breath.
    I can understand that well, in case they have forgotten to do at least that change for Windows now (if it is done easily, I mean, and they don't need to wait for the next big update), it could work as little reminder for them, f.e. to juggle their priority list a bit (provided it doesn't have a ton of error reports).

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    Hi DD

    Been in touch with CS had a reply from a person (ooh, get me lol) asking me to re-send the problem again via the troubles etc. page, so I did again and then received the generic automated reply, so we shall see.

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    So, since asking CS about updates on windows, I can't report a problem, the button isn't working and now my zoo has fecked off. You couldn't make it up.

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