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Thread: Two ideas.

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    Two ideas.

    It would be nice to have something like a banner come up on our screens telling us when our friends have logged on. Further to that if we could also use the envelope on the main screen to send our friends messages via friend codes. I feel these ideas would only help us to add another level to the game playing.

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    Sending messages to friends has been ruled out by the devs for a long time, and whilst they have deviated from the list with small things, I’m not sure this would happen with your suggestion.
    The issue of seeing when people log on has been discussed many times. So far all we have got is the green light that tells us when a player is online.
    The option to turn that off is available if the player so wishes.
    Personally I’m not sure I would like anything to pop up on my screen and maybe put me off what I’m doing. A seemingly small distraction could maybe cause frustration, though that’s nothing new in TS lol.
    Have a look at the middle link in my signature to find a list of no no’s. this was updated last August, so 6 months ago.
    There is also a thread listing “frequently suggested”

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