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    Our Clan/team has different people with different languages, we wish there would be a way to translate easier instead of exiting the game to ask Google for translation.
    Thank you

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    Do like what I did, and probably others have too, get a translator on your smart phone, take a picture of the conversation, Bob's your uncle.

    The non-English speakers appreciate the effort and will probably join in more.
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    I second this! It should automatically translate based on the language setting the viewer has, just like everything else in the game does.

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    What you have to remember is not all words translate into English very well, and vice versa. I had a German speaker in my co-op, their English was limited, but better than my German, but we had conversations, as best as we could using a translator. They were grateful that someone took the time to try and converse. It hasn't killed me.

    If you don't want non-English speakers playing, then your alternative is to boot them out of your co-op.

    Or put up with it and get on with the game.

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