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Thread: Co-op messages between leaders and co-leaders

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    Co-op messages between leaders and co-leaders

    There should be a way for leader and co leaders to privately message each other. 4 of us after several bad co-ops started our own. We try to decide things together. When it comes to who to promote, kick or restrict, we would rather not do it publicly.

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    The easiest way would be to register on this page and send private messages to each other, even CC. Great place for discussing who to kick out and why. LOL

    Just like a mini email system restricted to players registered on this page. Limited storage, but great for short term discussions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Darlette Lowry View Post
    There should be a way for leader and co leaders to privately message each other ....
    Sending private msgs ingame/to friends has been ruled out by the Devs on their Won't Happen-list:

    Understandable IMO, as it would be like creating a whole new, separate app, monitor complaints, and so on. Many players who want this have mentioned using a free, private forum like this one (or this one, as Doug said), or FB (messenger), or Line app.

    Mostly for having more room, though, and keeping things in sight w/o them scrolling from the Chat window (Coop rules, for example).
    And I personally wouldn't appreciate such secrecy anyway in a Coop where I'm member. The leader(s) should be able to explain their ideas to everyone and discuss it with everyone in their Coop, incl. giving the "wrongdoers" a chance.
    Communication - with all - is key.

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