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Thread: Ernie needs to pay up

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    Ernie needs to pay up

    I love it that Ernie actually pays you in Township Cash when you help him but I wish he paid every time you helped him. I have begun to wonder why he doesnt pay EACH TIME. For example if you fill 2 train cars, a plane crate and a zoo animal, you still only get one TC. I don't know if he pays anything when you can't fill all his requests. Does anyone know if Ernie still pays if you are only able to fill 1 or 2 of 3? Anyhow I wish the developers would make it so he pays for EACH help.

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    You get only one balloon from Ernie because we can only send one balloon to one particular friend per day. So imagine you're on his friends list, and he's sending you a balloon to say thanks, like you would send to your friends on the "recent helpers" tab.

    You don't have to fill all his orders when helping him, even if you just fill one, he will send a tcash balloon next day.

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    Thanks for the clarification! I see the problem. Too bad - I love makin' that T-Cash!

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