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Thread: Housing Units

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    Housing Units

    I'd like to see a new housing unit to carry all my houses. I have too many houses scattered around my town that take up space! One unit for different size houses would be nice to free up some space.

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    I understand your frustrations, and I suspect many players feel the same.
    There are many towns where players have placed the houses round the edges against the rocks. Or have them bunched together in a corner.
    Some even hide them behind decos, there are many designs that can be implemented to make them look more aesthetic.

    I’m assuming your wish is fir one unit in which to place houses, so seeing that one unit and not 3 or 4 houses, thus space saving too.
    Fir me I’m not sure I would like that, I like to arrange my houses and place them strategically to look as realistic as possible, to that end a few units would not suffice. Although I’m not happy with the placing of them in my town at the moment.
    That said, maybe a choice to use both could work, placing some houses in the town, and having a unit to hide surplus to the design.

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