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Thread: upgrade-able market

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    upgrade-able market

    Hi Playrix Team,

    I see a lot of ideas around street vendors, allowing trading with players etc. While these are novel ideas that might be harder to implement, how about adding the market to the list of upgrade-able buildings with upgrades reducing the time taken for the market orders to refresh and maybe alternate upgrades (like we have with time for industries) reducing time for the dealer to return, when hired.

    For example:
    Market upgrade:
    Costing higher ingots than industry upgrades since I understand this could compromise on the level of challenge the game offers if the cost is low.
    Offers the following categories - Increase slot in market, reduce time for market orders to refresh, (alternate levels) reduce time for dealer to return.


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    BTW, Mani, when looking for you for the way to provide feedback to Playrix (which dread answered in your other thread - thanks, dread! ), I also re-read their post here in the forum, and was reminded that they do indeed send you here (also), to discuss your ideas with other players.

    So, I will - very politely, of course - say here that I am not keen on the implementation of this wish. I don't need another thing where to spend my ingots, is the first "but". I'm a while over level 100 and am still at upgrading factories - the last ones (so far), but still. And with all the events, I cannot use the dealer all the time for buying ore. So, really no additional task needed here.
    For your other examples, we have speed-up boosters (buy or win (which might be connected to buying also)) and the possibility to buy market boxes, with tcash IIRC. And that's unlikely then, that Playrix wants to change that to something else.

    Many of the suggestions you saw - like trading with other players, changing the dealer to a number of purchases instead of time-based - are, I believe, on the Devs' No-No-list already, or in the same 'opposition' to the game strategy (patience and never-ending presence, and spending Tcash, of course <g>), which just hadn't been noticed by some posters. They (Playrix) might add the possibility to exchange building tools in an event, yes, but that's temporary, and (IMO) still intentionally so.

    In general a nice idea with upgrading, but IMO, pls not when it just adds more of the stress we have already.
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    I think we have to remember this is a game that is designed to last forever and test our patience.
    It’s a game of strategy, and forward thinking.
    So on purpose many things we all would love to see would change the dynamics of the game too much.
    Fir these reasons many our wishes are on the no no list and DD is right, many of the above are on there.
    Maybe one day they will change their minds.

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