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Thread: Prof. Verne is coming back! 😍

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    Prof. Verne is coming back! 😍

    Habt Ihr schon gesehen? Der Professor kommt wieder
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    ooh - nein, so weit hatte ich noch nicht vorgeblΓ€ttert. Danke fΓΌr den Tipp => die Vorfreude

    Screenshot_20200131-205342.jpg ​(tap to enlarge )

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    Toll. Diese Veranstaltung hat mir sehr gut gefallen.

    Professor Verne is coming back

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    Co-op: German Raiders
    Co-op Code: #GER4Q4
    Town: Hammabourgh
    Level: 148
    Platform: iOS

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    Do you play on Windows or a mobile version?

    Mine (ipad) isn't showing events that far in the future yet.
    Played on and off since October 2017
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    Ich spiele die mobile Version unter Android,aber selbst in der Kindle Version bei meiner Freundin wird es schon angezeigt, die sind eigentlich immer die letzten,die Neuerungen erhaltenπŸ€”

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    It's showing on mine (iOS) now too. Before, the event list stopped even before the fruit slicing event and just said something vague like more coming.

    Glad to see this one again!
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    Played on and off since October 2017
    Play on iOS iPad

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    Excited to see the upcoming events for the next two months!!! I've heard possible new skins for the train with professor's experiments, maybe a bullet train?! And the spinning wheel again for tropical blends, maybe they finally make the giant watermelon available!

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    Professors Experiments: Round Two.

    I’m hoping we can expect the event to be exactly the same as it was the first time it was dropped, including the $5.99 gold pass and the many benefits that came along with it. I haven’t seen anything yet regarding any changes. I have been saving all my gems since the last event so I can run more boosters this time around. If it is the same, I’m going to prioritize the β€˜generous market’ perk and load up on buying bulk ore from the dealer again. The last event allowed me to buy roughly 2000 of each ore type and I got all my factories upgraded to two extra item slots.

    Any other ideas to prepare for the event? Thoughts ?

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