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    I’ve come to a stalemate in my game where I’m struggling to upgrade the barn. I’m on level 76. I don’t really play the Zoo side of the game, is this why I’m having problems?

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    Things really start slowing down at about this level. It takes more & more xp/coins to get anything. There are no easy answers, it's a very time consuming game. Upgrade trains so materials will arrive faster, upgrade xp/time in factories so you level up faster. XP/coin upgrade ratio 2:1. Set goals, double helicopter coins builds factories. Develop zoo will get you some xp but it's not imperative. I hope this helps happy gaming

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    I found levels 74-85 a real struggle, especially with barnspace. I stopped doing any barn enclosures until after community buildings completed, gaining a fair amount of both barnspace and coin from selling off excess materials.
    I also put buying factories on hold, but that has side effects of not being able to help teammates as much as I'd like to, lots of undoable Heli orders and relying on Dealer for plane and train products, so while it's worked for me, not something I could recommend.
    Hang on in there, it will get easier.

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    I agree with the sentiments here. Improve your trains, ignore the zoo, only start 1 community building at a time to help the train algorhythm know what to bring you. Concentrate on 1 thing at a time and be patient. There are lots of tips in the "good ideas for new players thread and everywhere else in this forum.

    I was stalled at lvl 89 on 11/29 with 5 CBs started before I found out what a bad idea that is. I improved my trains so they run every 2 hours and made myself learn how to use the tool exchange. Today, Im more than half way thru lvl 92 and working on my last cb. Next task is to upgrade my barn bigtime. Im only at 910 and I am able to keep all the things I need without slowing my play too much, but I want to be able to not worry about it.
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    Thanks for that info it was very helpful

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