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Thread: !! SPOILER ALERT Beta Peeks (Jan '20) SPOILER ALERT!!

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    Thanks JJay

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    We better get another feed mill (fat chance).

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    I've been noticing a lot of unused land that is not for sale (yet) appearing around the edges of my zoo and on the south side of the railroad tracks. I'm wondering if we are going to get more expansions in those areas.

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    I love Professor Vernes experiments! I can hardly wait!

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    I can’t wait either...there’s a countdown to Professor Verne’s Experiments on the event calendar but....WHEN will the new update with new expansions be available?

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    My guess next week being the second week of the month. Hopefully a smooth rollout on all platforms instead of the constant checking once someone says they updated.

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    I think we'll possibly get it before need for seeds, since I don't remember any mention of it in the last update. But definitely by the 18th when the new season starts

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    I've said this before, but maybe if I say it often enough it will be noted. We already do not have enough fields for the production of the existing products. One thing we DO NOT need is more products to produce. We need a new way to get more fields, faster production, more ships, new ways to generate Township cash, more land expansions, more museum collections, more zoo animals, faster planes, ships, & trains, and new botanical and infrastructural decorations.. And speaking of museum collections (spicery)....saffron ISN'T made from leaves. Yes I am a Township addict. Despite it's shortcomings it is STILL the best game with the VERY BEST graphics.

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    Any beta testers know if any new things in next update will require building supplies, except for land expansions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argus012755 View Post
    Any beta testers know if any new things in next update will require building supplies, except for land expansions.
    I am not a beta tester - the things I've posted here were seen on Facebook, but I haven't seen anything about new community buildings. And of course just because something is in beta doesn't necessarily mean that it will be included in the next update, or that things not in beta won't be added Sorry, personally I don't have any more info.

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