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    Is it okay to build multiple zoo enclosures?

    It's been a long while since I've properly developed the zoo. The last I remember, you had shops to sell certain goods (instead of fulfilling specific orders). More recently, I've realised that I actually have cards for many new animals, so I need to build their enclosures.

    It is a well-known problem (at least on here) that building multiple community buildings throws off the algorithm in terms of building materials. Does the same thing happen for zoo enclosures? As I've said, it's been so long that I don't remember what is involved with zoo enclosures. All I know is that it involves coins (obviously). Therefore, my plan is potentially to save up and build several enclosures at once, if that doesn't cause issues.
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    When they changed the zoo, I tried that out. It were 6 enclosures still undone for me, I believe. (1 or 2 new ones since then)
    My experience is that I would get enough materials, but the required masses of tools are too much for me to collect in the barn. Which is not so small, btw.
    The first wanted 2 x 170, IIRC, and several next ones ones then 2 x over 200, far over it!
    That "too much for me" is of course a decision; I simply don't want to reduce the game for quite some time to collect these tools instead of crops and products, and whatever else the town wants.
    Since the Devs mentioned in their latest interview they are not willing to reduce these numbers... I have pretty much given up on the zoo. But I didn't find it attractive anymore, since they took away the shops and added the cards. (that was why I was willing to have that experiment with building the remaining 6 enclosures "together" - don't care how it looks now)
    I didn't need long until I had the remaining animals - they sit in the book now.
    I also could build the two new CBs that were added in town since then, and I built those "single" - but these were the only ones anyway, when they came out, as I had all others at that time.

    If memory serves right, some players here have recommended, still to build either in town OR zoo, and one only.
    The first wasn't needed for me, and the 2nd isn't necessary IMO (only related to zoo! and building in both will still simply be overwhelming)

    Hope this helps
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    Just my experience and strategy...

    I had 6 zoo enclosures and 2 community buildings left. Back when we had the double helicopter coin event, I used the double helicopter coin booster and made enough coins to buy them all at once. This has worked out very nicely for me. Each zoo enclosure takes more than 200 materials of 2 different types (glass/bricks/slabs), but having all 6 meant at any time I only needed the top 2 stored in my barn. Once I knocked out the first zoo enclosure (bricks/slabs) I had a clear deficit in those materials and more glass than anything else. I deleted any opportunities in the tool exchange that required anything but glass alone and slowly built up tools for the community buildings. Eventually I started to save up two building materials about the same quantity (glass/bricks) so I only accepted tool exchanges with slabs alone while I let my glass and bricks build up enough to do the next zoo enclosure.

    This method of only building up two materials at a time and giving leftovers to the tool exchange has worked well for me by keeping my barn from being flooded with materials I'm not about to use and letting me knock out whatever zoo enclosure was asking for the two I had the most of. Meanwhile I am slowly (but not painfully) getting the tools I will need for the community buildings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by just_a_minute View Post
    Just my experience and strategy...

    This method of only building up two materials at a time and giving leftovers to the tool exchange has worked well for me by keeping my barn from being flooded with materials I'm not about to use ...
    yes, now that you described it, I remember others having said something similar re. the "co-working" with the Tool Exchange, and that this way building was NOT overwhelming for them. Congrats

    (zoo alone still wants too many tools )

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    The contractors ran fingers over every inch of the enclosure’s surface. There were no stray pebbles, no welding burrs or other sharp edges. All that remained was a solitary stick. When the enclosure opened mcdvoice survey
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